Xamarin vs Android

Xamarin: The .Net Platform

Xamarin is an open-source platform by Microsoft to build smart and performant Android and iOS applications using C# and .Net.

This platform is for building Android, iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS applications with .Net. This framework enables developers to develop applications quickly by allowing them to code in C#, which can be shared across multiple platforms such as iOS and Android.

Features of Xamarin

The latest version of Xamarin is 4.8.0-pre1. This newest version has the following features add-on as per https://rb.gy/k6n2ec:

  1. Current Experimental Flags When a new Xamarin feature is implemented, it is sometimes put behind the experimental flag. It enables the developer team to quickly provide you with a new feature while still being able to change featured API before releasing it. This experimental flag is removed once the feature moves to a stable release.

  2. Dark Mode/ App Themes The new version enables you to choose the theme for the application. Try it with Forms.SetFlags(“AppTheme_Experimental”); “[macOS] Implement GetNamedColor” (#10657) “Added OrangeColor” (#10645)

  3. Shapes Xamarin has introduced drawing controls for various shapes and paths. Try it with Forms.SetFlags(“Shapes_Experimental”); “Added StrokeMiterLimit property in Shape” (#11045) GitHub #11052 - “[Bug][Android] Shapes: Moving spiral demo doesn’t animate on Android “ (#11046)

  4. UWP Shell UWP shell helps to reduce the complexity of mobile application development by providing various fundamental features that most mobile applications. Try it with Forms.SetFlags(“Shell_UWP_Experimental”);

Why Use Xamarin?

Xamarin builds native and cross-platform applications to grow your business.

The importance of Xamarin is as follows: Cost-Effective Reduce Bugs Native Interface Automated Testing Performance Packed Regular Updates

Android: The Java Platform

Android Studio is the official IDEA for Android. If you choose Android, it is limited to android application development only. Developers who want to develop applications for other platforms in Java may have to learn another ID too.

Features of Android

Android 10 is the latest version of Android. It has some of the newest ways to control your privacy, manage your data, and customize your phone.

The latest feature of Android 10 are as follows: Live Caption Smart Reply Sound Amplifier Gesture Navigation Dark Theme Privacy Controls Location Controls Security Updates

Why Use Android?

Android Studio has a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which helps developers manage the application’s visual effects. Android is better as compared to other mobile application development tools.

Android used modules to organize and manage the core modules. The modules have their Gradle built files that can state their own dependencies.

Comparison Between Xamarin and Android

Xamarin uses C# while Java studio uses JAVA and C++ language. Xamarin is a cross-platform, i.e.; the code can be deployed on iOS and Android. The development time on Xamarin is low as compared to Android.

Xamarin or Android?

So, which one is better? If you deploy a mobile application using Android SDK, you will be able to deploy the latest APIs from google. Xamarin also gives the latest access to Google’s latest Android APIs. What will developers choose? So, as a developer, if you have worked on many Android applications, you are used to work on Java and C++. Shifting to Xamarin means to say goodbye to Java and to welcome C#.


Xamarin Studio avails lots of benefits to developers and users. Shifting from one to technology to other technology may seem difficult. Xamarin can be vastly used in the future for application development.