Top 5 ways to Prevent Pandemic With Latest Technologies

The Year 2020 has been full of unfortunate events, from forest fires to lives-eater pandemic. We all are terrified; we mean nature and humans because nature was drastically affected due to the amazon forest fire, and now it appears like our turn. This year seems to me like a year of self-analysis. Whether you liked it or not, you have to see the mess you created around you and get ready to clean it up.

Yes, we are divided by boundaries, nationalities, color, or caste, which seems so huge to us; but natural calamities or even this pandemic will never differentiate our huge differences because that’s how these differences actually matter.

The important thing is to survive, and the COVID-19 pandemic is acting as a catalyst for the industrial sector to develop and have an innovative approach toward the work. The digitalization is accelerating in most industry, will be considered as a significant step towards the growth in each sector.

There were many pandemics in history and will be many in the future, but the COVID-19 pandemic can be appropriately controlled with the help of technologies like AI, interactive map technology, Big Data, etc. I have discussed the best new technologies one can use to prevent this pandemic or any other future pandemic effectively.

How is China Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic With The Help of AI and Big Data?

HealthCare is taken a step ahead with the help of AI(Artificial Intelligence) and is considered as a future as whole healthcare will revolve around AI soon. AI helps researchers to quickly analyze and find a relevant resource to study any virus. AI-Based Data analytics and predictive modeling always help professionals to understand the disease accurately. AI helps to easily analyze diseases and to check its symptoms, spread, and treatment. AI-based risk assessment tools help to clarify confusion created due to the COIVD-19 pandemic. These AI tools help to differentiate between regular flu and the COVID and hence helps control the panic situation.

Baidu is a Chinese Multinational Company, and they had built an AI-based solution that can monitor 200 people at a time without disrupting the flow of people. This will detect the temperature variation in the people and hence will analyze people who have high temperature and thus will sort them out from the crowd. Further, they can be taken to any healthcare for a checkup and hence will identify the COVID-19.

This initiative is very appreciating as India is a highly populated country, and this will help us fight COVID-19 effectively after lockdown. Thickly populated cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, etc. need to take highly efficient measures to tackle this situation effectively.

Interactive Maps for Monitoring

None of us has faced such a massive pandemic in our lives, it is something new that we need to tackle efficiently. Interactive maps are playing an essential role in keeping us updated with real-time data. Government organization many times try to cover up the real numbers during hard times to avoid panic situations. Sometimes, these leads to unawareness and lack of precautionary measures, which make it difficult to confine the flu.

Developers at the John Hopkins University has already created an online dashboard for the coronavirus to visualize and track the report cases on the daily timescale. They also made the data downloadable as a google sheet. The map shows new cases, confirmed deaths, and recoveries. They collect data from various resources like WHO, CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), and hence keeps us updated with the latest data. Spreading awareness with common people is essential as they are the ones who will be affected most.

New Technologies for Faster Detection

Our technologies have developed rapidly after the SAARC pandemic, the current coronavirus culprit was identified within a week before the public announcement. The first diagnostic test was developed within the first few weeks. Back during the SAARC pandemic, it took days to sequence the virus, but now due to the latest technologies evolution, we are able to sequence it within few hours. Our scientist can detect the virus even with a small amount of DNA, or spit or a blood sample. These help to contain the virus effectively and efficiently.

A Singapore based company named “Veritas Laboratories” has developed portable kits to detect the virus quicker and efficiently. These portable kits are provided to various hospitals so that it could help to detect the patients efficiently. As this pandemic is spreading fast, a large number of people are getting infected day by day, and hence this significant situation will help us to tackle the problem efficiently.

Genome Sequencing To Find Vaccines For The Flu

Genome Sequencing is the most crucial step for fighting against the pandemic. It is essential to understand that the vaccine can only be developed through this sequencing method. Earlier during the SAARC pandemic, scientists took months and spend dollars to create such sequencing while it was costlier to develop synthetic copies.

Genome sequencing is resolving the order of the DNA nucleotide, after which scientists create a weak synthetic organism to develop a vaccine. Chinese scientists completed sequencing coronavirus in less than a month since the first case was detected. After sequencing was published, biotech companies started creating synthetic copies of the virus that could be used in the research.

This genetic synthetic is much faster and cheaper than two decades ago, during the SAARC it costs $10 to create a single synthetic copy, and it cost less than 10 cents.

It is important to understand that technology has supported us fighting with this pandemic effectively and easily. Hence, creating a vaccine at earliest can save more lives and will be able to cope with the situation.

Robots- The Future!!

Robots are the future of mankind. Machines cannot get infected, a significant gold for us, the humans. Robots can play a vital role in such a viral outbreak. In the USA, a robot treated a man infected with coronavirus, the robot was designed to accurately measure temperature, heartbeats, and pulses. This helps doctors to properly medicate the patient. Sanitizing buildings, roads, institutions can be done easily with the help of robots. Yes, robots can indeed manage a few people at a time, but with good innovation of these technologies, we can create a technology to properly manage the stuff.

Drones were sent to quarantine places to deliver daily essentials and food. This helps people to maintain quarantine and social distancing and to break the pandemic.

We all learning and evolving, COVID-19 is a new challenge, and this world will be a new world soon after this pandemic period. We need to be ready for the upcoming challenges as our world is going to be a bit different.

Thank you all for reading!!!!