Travelling to Dubai

Dubai is a great city and is a United Arab Emirates holiday destination. The city is known for luxury shopping, ultra modern architecture and an amazing lively nightlife. Dubai is the place where it will exceed your expectation as you explore its glitzand glam. Here is my ultimate travel guide which will help you in discovering thisbeautiful city.

Summer is extremely hot in Dubai. Daytime temperatures are sometimes over 106degrees while nights rarely fall below 88 degrees. Winters are much more comfortablewith temperatures between sixty to seventy-five degrees.

How to travel?

You can get around the city via public transport, boats, and taxis. While getting into public transport, it is forbidden to eat or drink anything inside a public transport. You can book a cab and can travel through the beautiful city. A lot of attractions are on or near the water ferries that run at 10 am, 12 pm and 5:30 pm. You can also rent a bike to travel through the city.

Where to stay?

For best services, look no further than this centrally located, modern and chic hotel. There are beautiful hotels like Xva Art Hotel, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa, Four Season Jumeirah Beach etc. All these hotels have beautiful rooms with a variety of sophisticated facilities and top-notch service.

Places to visit!!

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world of height 829.8 meter. The observation deck on the 124th floor is the must do for all the visitors. On the ground, Burj Khalifa is surrounded by beautifully designed gardens. There are plenty of water features including Dubai fountain, the world tallest performing fountain.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the city’s premier mall and provides entry to the Burj Khalifa, as well as the Dubai Aquarium. There is also an ice-skating rink, gaming zone, and cinema complex if you’re looking for more entertainment options. There is music, live fashion show within the mall. It is a must place to visit and is great for shopping.

Bastakia (Old Dubai)

The Bastakia Quarter (also known as the Al-Fahidi neighborhood) was built in the late 19th century to be the home of wealthy Persian merchants who dealt mainly in pearls and textiles and were lured to Dubai because of the tax-free trading and access to Dubai Creek. This old city has beautiful arabian architecture worth visiting. Inside this city, you will find Majlis gallery, with its collection of traditional Arab ceramic and furniture.