Travel To Germany

Germany is the heart of Europe, a country full of stories starting from various beautiful castle, culture, nature, and historical events like World War II. It is unbelievable that the country is not on the travel list of many people, but it’s a cold breeze, impressive culture, exotic food, and captivating mountains and countryside is worth visiting a million times.

The country’s most recent event is when this country was split east and west, which took place just 30 years back. But now, this beautiful nation is the most powerful economy of the continent.

The country is full of beautiful and charismatic cities; I have mentioned down some towns that are worth visiting.

Berlin : Berlin is never Berlin !!

Once the symbol of the Cold War, this city has changed drastically over the last 30 years. Every year you see this city with a blend of a new culture and event. It has become Europe’s fresh capital- a mix of positive energy, literature, music, and art.

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate is one of the most captivating sculptures modeled by Acropolis and built by King Frederick Williams II in 1791. This monument was severely damaged in world war II, but its charisma and ethnicity stand tall and catch everyone’s attention.

You can visit Museum Island in the Spree River and the fabulous East Side Gallery, an example of a rich culture of art and music.

Cologne: A City Full of Lights

Cologne is the most delightful European city if you are looking for culture, entertainment, or a pampering thermal bath. The city is full of energetic pleasant people, rich culture, and is the fourth largest city in Germany.

The most beautiful sight includes UNESCO listed Cathedral, the Hohenzollern Bridge, famous for love padlock. If you are visiting in cologne in November, you cannot miss the Cologne carnival. It is the most beautiful and excellent street festival in Europe.

The cologne also has a beautiful old monument, which is historical and significant to visit.


Hamburg is a complete package of excitement and is a beautiful city to visit. The town has impressive historical monuments, futuristic buildings, and has a fantastic nightlife. The city is nestled on the river Elbe, has more bridges than any other city in the world. The town has beautiful gardens, parks, and green spaces, and you can thoroughly enjoy the city with full enthusiasm. If you have more contemporary taste should visit the futuristic HafenCity district. This place has towering skyscrapers, modern glass facades, and airy promenades designed by Swiss architect Herzog & de Meuron and its heart.


Dresden is a city full of life and is one of the most prestigious cultures and is also a capital Saxony. The charm of Dresden lies in the scenic location on the River Elbe and glorious green areas. It is one of the most excellent examples of Baroque architecture, the beautiful Brühl’s Terrace, and the Dresden Frauenkirche, a Lutheran church worth visiting.


Germany is a country where you can see a beautiful blend of culture and modern technology. People have preserved the culture beautifully, and this country has a rough history, but today still stands as one of the most influential nations. This journey has taught me many things about life and fellas, and it is a must-visit country which will surely change your opinion.