Top 10 Application Of Data Science

Data Science is a field of Big Data for giving significant data through complex colossal data. Data science integrates multi-disciplinaries tools to collect data set, process and develop a perception of sets, and take it for decision-making. Data Science is the future of the Health Industry, Information technology, Banking Sector and many other sectors. I would say emphasis data science as a significant technology contributing to all sectors and will be one of the most important technology in the future. I have listed down some of the major fields where Data Science will be used extensively.

Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare sector is one of the most benefited sectors, with the help of data science technology. Data science is used to detect various diseases like tumors, artery stenosis. It keeps monitoring health data like blood pressure, Haemoglobin, heartbeat and other medical data to inform the patient about the possible disease he could catch in the future. This helps in avoiding various harmful diseases. It employs multiple methods and frameworks like Map-reduce to find ideal parameters for tasks such as lung texture sorting. It applies various Machine Learning methodologies, support vector machines and wavelength analysis for stable texture classification.

Digital Advertisement and Marketing

Internet surfing is one of the major applications of data science and machine learning. Data science algorithms are used to display banners on different websites and digital billboards at the airport. By collecting huge data, it segregates data systematically and displays advertisements to particularly targeted audiences. The digital advertisement has been able to obtain higher CTR than the usual advertisement.

Fraud And Risk Detection

The first application of data science is started in the finance department. Data Science analyzes data as per the customer and segregates information properly as per the requirement. Initially, banks were exhausted by terrible obligations and misfortunes consistently. Applying data science practice help banks to protect them from future upcoming losses. Data science helps prevent money laundering, data breach, identity theft, credit abuse, bust-out scams, ACH/wire scams, data breach and employee fraud.

Airline Route Planning

Airline industries along the world are famous for carrying out bad services and misfortune. It is important to understand that due to lack of communication and improper data arrangement, people have to face many problems and the airline reputation somehow gets depleted. So, major airlines can enhance services by getting accurate forecasts about the delay in flight by applying data science. Data science helps people with: Decide which class of plane to buy. Whether to make a stop in the middle or to land at the stop. Effectively drive the client faithfulness program.

Image Recognition

The application of data science can be seen in the field of image recognition. To understand it better, let’s take an example of Facebook; when you upload any image, you get suggestions to tag your friends. This automatic tag suggestion feature is carried out with the help of a face recognition algorithm. Google utilizes image recognition algorithms and gives relevant results to users.


Data Science is a vast field and has huge applications in many fields. Apart from these applications, data science is also highly used in marketing, finance, healthcare, human resource, government sector and every other sector where data is generated. Data Science is a boom and every sector is going to revolve around it for forecast and for updates regarding the market growth.