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Top 5 ways to Prevent Pandemic With Latest Technologies

HealthCare is taken a step ahead with the help of AI(Artificial Intelligence) and is considered as a future as whole healthcare will revolve around AI soon. AI helps researchers to quickly analyze and find a relevant resource to study any virus.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the imitation of human Intelligence by machines mainly like the Computer system.

Top 6 Business Benefits of Blockchain Technology

The financial technology inspired by Santoshi Nakamoto is a huge hit and is becoming a better alternative to a paper-based fiat.

Investing in Indian Startups - A Sign of Success?

Each day, a new startup is established that sets a new standard and shakes the foundation of the business and the established practices.

Why Invest in Online Retail Industry - Growth & Opportunities in India

The Indian economy and business style is changing hugely due to e-commerce. It is ushering in an era of growth, prosperity and opportunities. Indian business growth has been triggered by the increasing use of the internet and smartphones.

Industrial Applications of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is here to stay, the blockchain technology has been used to put proof of existence in legal documents, health records, supply chain, IoT, decentralized government databases, stock exchanges and smart cities

How Will Lockdown Affect Indian Market

Lockdown has been in effect in India due to corona virus. This lockdown has affected business all around the world, read Yakub Sheikh's take on the affect of this lockdown on indian markets and economy

Corona Virus Affecting Economy

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic. The virus outbreak has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy, India’s economy and financial markets.