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Business Ideas To Be Pursued In amidst COVID-19 Times

The world is facing a tougher time during this pandemic. The society is pushed backwards emotionally, financially and professionally. People are struggling to save their jobs during this recession and many of the businesses are getting shut down because of no or less cash flow. So, what next! Are we going to live like this for rest of our lives or are we ready to face the pandemic? We humans have always evolved in response to nature and outer circumstances. This calls for a bigger picture/ bigger evolution as a human being.

Top 10 Application Of Data Science

Data Science is a field of Big Data for giving significant data through complex colossal data. Data science integrates multi-disciplinaries tools to collect data set, process and develop a perception of sets, and take it for decision-making. Data Science is the future of the Health Industry, Information technology, Banking Sector and many other sectors.

Is It Good To Invest In Foreign Stocks?

Today I have penned down the possible benefits that an investor may receive while investing in the foreign or international market.

5 Excellent Ideas For Startups In 2020

Small ideas can bring significant changes, and this world is filled up with all such examples. Coming up with unique business ideas may seem challenging as everyone has already swooped up all good business ideas.

Xamarin vs Android

If you deploy a mobile application using Android SDK, you will be able to deploy the latest APIs from google. Xamarin also gives the latest access to Google's latest Android APIs.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is defined as the design, planning, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities. The main objective of SCM is to increase the efficiency of the supply chain.

Market Trends 2020 - Top 3 Things That Nobody Will Tell You

The year 2020 is just like a movie where initially everything seems right, and then just a monster comes and sneak around and changes everyone's lives. We all enjoyed such films till 2019, and we never thought something like COVID-19 will ever happen and will impact lives from a business person to a toddler.

Top 5 Most Powerful Industrial Application of IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is the next phase of the industrial revolution. IoT has the power to bring all physical devices to the digital realm. It can connect each device and update the real-time information to the user.