Market Trends 2020 - Top 3 Things That Nobody Will Tell You

The year 2020 is just like a movie where initially everything seems right, and then just a monster comes and sneak around and changes everyone’s lives. We all enjoyed such films till 2019, and we never thought something like COVID-19 will ever happen and will impact lives from a business person to a toddler.

Business, industries, and every sector are significantly impacted, and every industry is trying hard to get back to work as earlier. Digitalization is the only key to overcome this scenario, and digital marketing is on the trend in 2020.

I am going to list with you a few fantastic new trends that will help you analyze what trends are really going to change the market in the upcoming days.

Companies who rely on Google Analytics will get beat up by their competitors.

I have been using tools like Google Analytics for a long time; it is also a free and excellent tool. But as the market is changing continuously, new tools and challenges are introduced in the market; things like upsells, downsells, repeat purchases, and checkout bumps have changed market apparently.

Moreover, businesses can also generate revenue from online businesses, such as affiliate marketing, webinars, and partnerships. This has led companies to start using analytical solutions that better tie to their database, leading to a big push to business intelligence.

Business intelligence helps the company to make better decisions and helps to optimize the process efficiently.

Start Looking for Alternative Communication Channels

Email is the most popular communication channels in the industry. There are over 146 million email addresses, so it is essential to understand that not everyone is going to open up your Email. We all are very particular about the messages that we are going to read.

It is confirmed that the Email is going to be in the market for a very long time. But the companies need to have more communication channels, and the chatbot is the solution. The chatbot will surely be going to take off drastically.

A chatbot can be a better mode of communication on which the company could rely and generate more leads and, hence, expand the business.

Company will Optimize for Voice Search Rather Than Revenue

Marketing is the basic necessity to expand the business. It is essential to use proper tricks and methodologies to grow your business. Many startups or small businesses cannot afford big ads or any other advertisement.

There are many financial firms that lend money to such companies to grow their business effectively. Now, as technology is evolving, SEO is the basic necessity for growing the business effectively.

By leveraging latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), hours of SEO work will be optimized, and without any error, the company would be able to make better decisions, and hence errors will be reduced.


All the above trends are very unfamiliar, but these trends are the future of business marketing. Marketing structure is going to evolve each day, and it is important to adapt to all those changes to be ahead of the crowd. Whether small or big, every business is getting equal opportunities to expand their business, but the only challenge is, “Will you adopt these changes?”.