Impact Of COVID-19 On The Healthcare Industry 2020

Can this world stop? How long will it take to recover the ozone layer? Will there be a day of empty roads? The answer is, “Yes.”

I never thought that coronavirus would impact lives badly, where no one really knows about handling such situations. The day when I heard about coronavirus, I just neglected it somewhere because I knew a vaccine will get launch, and it will get under control soon.

That was my thought!!

But, when the situation starts turning worse every day, I realize somewhere we lack to tackle such conditions effectively only due to lack of technological awareness and how under-developed the health sector is!

Starting from lockdown to sanitizing roads, every step government took is worth appreciating, but what will we do if the world strikes again with another virus?

Will we lockdown every time? Will we start sanitizing? Will we start taking precautions?

The economy has been badly crushed, and unemployment will soon be at the peak.

Coronavirus is a high alarm for every sector to adopt new methodologies, technologies, and strategies. We have to adapt and fight back whatever the situation is.

The Major Challenges Healthcare provider faced during the pandemic as per the survey is:

  1. Lack of information about the disease.
  2. Patient medical history
  3. Improper inventory management
  4. No rooms for patients
  5. Lack of hospital management
  6. Improper patient care

We have to overcome these challenges to strengthen the healthcare sector and enhance services for patients.

Digitization of Health Record

It is high time to replace paper-based work with digital work. The health records are stored digitally, which is easily accessible to patients and doctors from anywhere and at any time.

The main advantages of electronic health record (EHR) are as follows:

  1. EHR has the potential to send alerts to doctors about possible health threats any patient can have. The prescriptions followed by patients are stored, which helps doctors to understand patient medical history.
  2. Doctors, pharmacists, and patients have direct access to health records. It simplifies the workflow for doctors and patients for better patient care.
  3. If the patient is suffering from any prolonged disease, the doctor must be aware of all medicine and the patient’s medical condition for proper treatment. EHR provides all the patient’s information on a single platform, saving time, and enhancing the care service.

Hospital Management Software

Every hospital must maintain proper hospital management software for seamless operation in various departments. This software segregates department data and stored it on a common platform visible to other departments of the hospital.

This reduces errors and incorrect information circulation in the hospital, which enhances patients care.

Inventory Management

During COVID-19, hospitals were unaware of the medicine storage, blood storage, and other treatment equipment they have in their inventory. These lead to improper patient service in COVID-19.

Yes, due to such unawareness, many lives have cost, and hospitals were in a panic state as they were unable to handle the pandemic situation.

Every healthcare service provider must be aware of each minute details about the hospital they are working and the patient they are treating. These simplify complex treatment processes and enhance care service.

Telemedicine / Telehealth

You never understood the importance of water until you are thirsty in a desert. Telemedicine has been neglected due to the lack of awareness, and people found it more comfortable to visit a doctor rather than consulting with a doctor on an online platform. The most common question that people have about telemedicine is: Will the doctor understand what I am suffering? Will the doctor able to understand symptoms? How the doctor will able to treat my body without analyzing it physically?

Yes, we all have such questions, and this confusion has led to a lack of popularity of telemedicine and telehealth.

COVID-19 has impacted people to move on telemedicine. As major hospitals were occupied with corona positive patients, it was risky to visit doctors during such challenging times.

Thus, people have started consulting doctors through the online platform, and people were surprised by the quality of service they got through the online platform.


We all learned from the mistakes and challenges we face in our lives. Coronavirus is just a challenge that we are facing and also an alarm to be more techno-driven, to adopt advanced methodologies in all sectors.

“Health is precious – Protect it.”