How Investment In Technology Is Going Benefit Your Business Strategies

Technology was the part of every business before but the year 2020 and helplessness due to pandemic took the necessity for the technology to the next level. The rate with which society & the industrial market is adopting it is evident that investing in technology can be a smart decision for years to come and 2021 will take a great shift. As the technology market is getting aggressive it is reaching everyone’s hand and making the world closer than ever.

In the future, the shifting of technology will in three dimensions

  • Public-centric: Nobody wants tough-to-use complex tech. It exists to make people’s lives more convenient, industry operations seamless, and technology innovators are taking it seriously. The term like more humane, personalized, customized will dominate the tech industry in the coming years.

  • Location independence: As I mentioned before the world is more close now. The borders are only limited on the map. AI, AR, VR, Cloud are making it possible to regulate all kinds of tasks remotely. The year 2020 has shown us that with the right technology, internet access the world can run even in the global lockdown.

  • Resilient & Sustainable Delivery: Abrupt entry of a virus in our society and unpreparedness to deal with even with all the research and advancement; we learned that volatility will always be there, so people will look for a solution that is resilient, sustainable, and able to face challenges in the future.

Trending technologies to investing in 2021

Online Education

The education system is not limited to school/college campuses. Covid 19 pandemic has changed the picture of every sector as we knew it, and education is one of the majorly affected sectors. During the pandemic, around 190 countries enforced nationwide education institution lockdown that impacted approximately 1.6 billion people. But education is one of the services that couldn’t be shut down for months. Hence the online education, learning management software, and education management software rose to regulate the learning continuum.

Many online education platforms like Coursera, Outschool, Udacity, iTutorGroup, Byju’s, etc, gain threshold in use case during the pandemic, and they are going to grow in the coming years as well.

Remote Work Technology

Liked remote learning remote working culture has also accelerated in 2020. While this culture was known in the IT industry yet many companies and employees suffered losses due to the lack of a system to facilitate work from home. And many companies gain profits as they could save a lot of expenses due to office shutdown and employees working from home. Now companies are open to offering full-time ‘work from home’ facility that was not a popular culture previously.

Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Hangout, Webex came very handily to execute day to day activities of the office. Many new ventures also entered the cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform. Bluescape, Eloops, Figma, Slab, and Tandem are a few of them and they all provide visual collaboration platforms enabling teams to interact, share content, track projects, run virtual team building activities, train employee and much more.

Distributed Cloud

Distributed cloud is a protocol in which all the service-related cloud is located at various physical locations. You don’t have to visit vendors’ infrastructure, it can be on-premise, third party data center, other cloud providers. Empowering organizations with a physically closer location reduce data costs, low-latency scenarios, and helps the industry to remain data aligned.

The 5G Infrastructure

The demand for faster internet is on the rise. The world is becoming more connected, people want a connected, government planning to make smart cities, and everyone expecting autonomous mobility. The telecom companies are already set to deliver 5G networks in Australia, the US, China, etc. Verizon brought 5G in the market in October 2020.

Mobile companies have already launched 5G phones in places even where there is 5G is yet to come. So, it is foreseeable the future of 5G infrastructure is huge.

Industrial Automation

Artificial intelligence is paving its way into every sector, minimizing manual work, and bringing industrial automation. In the year 2021, we are expected to make a great leap in AI adoption in various industries. Healthcare, retail, supply chain, etc. As industries are coming in full-on operation, shortage of skilled manpower will be a major concern, therefore robotics, process automation of operation will play a significant role in industrial automation.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

VR & AR is not anymore limited to google lens, Instagram, or just for entertainment per se. Industries are coming to an understanding of the power of AR & VR and how it helps them to take a closer world. The innovative companies are bringing various AR-VR-related facilities in the technology market such as AR Cloud, eye tracking, virtual sports events, facial recognition, patients diagnosis, education, and more. With the propulsion of AR & VR, the demand for AI and 5G will expand.