5 Excellent Ideas For Startups In 2020

A single “Idea” can bring change, create history, enhance lives, and is powerful enough to impact the entire universe. Whether it is a political idea, technological idea, social idea, or a business idea, the past, present, and future is created just by these ideas.

The idea of Facebook, which was derived from facemash, a website developed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003, was also a great hit at Harvard University and was used by thousands of people.

Small ideas can bring significant changes, and this world is filled up with all such examples. Coming up with unique business ideas may seem challenging as everyone has already swooped up all good business ideas.

COVID-19 has totally disrupted the workflow of every sector. From hotels to restaurants, from manufacturing companies to IT companies, every industry faces a tremendous amount of challenges.

As an industrialist, I have listed a few startup ideas for entrepreneurs who want to start a business. The benefit of starting a business is the power of being own boss, more independence, creativity, and experiments; it is just an open ground full of opportunities where you could build an empire.

Organized Special Tours and Travels

You can make a special tour and travel company where you can provide services specially made for solo travelers, or provide aged based traveling. Traveling is fun whether you go with your friends, family or your heartmate. The most fun part is you can create various packages depends on your creativity. A business that will surely earn you profit as the world is filled with travel-loving people.

Open a Co-working Space

As remote working is gaining popularity, it will be a perfect idea to start a modern co-working space that addresses the needs of entrepreneurs. You can provide amenities based on the requirement of the clients. All you need a peaceful location to build this co-working space.

Open a Food Waste Solution

Creating a startup based on reducing food waste can be a really money-making business. This is a good business where you can change the food system and help save restaurants and grocery stores money.

Online Clothing Store

If you have a small local business in your town and want to grow it globally or you want to start a business but do not have enough money to rent a block, “Online Store” is the best option for you to go with. This business idea helps you to grow business efficiently.

Make a Customized Product

The world is revolving around customized products. If you have skills or eagerness to learn new things like candle making, shampoo, or cosmetic making, you are going to rock the world.

Everyone on this planet love pampering, and having a customized product can make a happy day for customers.


All these ideas are flourishing and are really great opportunities to start your business. It is essential to understand that your idea is worthful, and you just have to invest your time and plan it out.

And a revolution is always started by crazy people. So are you crazy enough to start your business? Are you ready?