Development Ideas for Indian Villages

India comprises of 6,34,321 villages as per the census 2001. The soul of India lies in its villages as 68.86 % of Indians live in Villages. The development of villages is essential as it will lead to the development of the nation. But, it is important to understand that the development of villages should not erode its uniqueness but should nurture its tradition and essence. As every village has its own individuality and development needs, the plan and needs for the development of the villages will differ.

Some of the major steps that need to be taken by the government for development should account for the below factors.


As majority of the population lives in villages, education is a very important point of concern. A majority of villages have government schools, the literacy rate has increased from a few back decades. As per the survey report of the Annual Status of Education, most of the students till 5th grade cannot read and do simple mathematical problems. The government has established many schools but the quality of education has been ignored. Quality and access to education is one major concern as there are very few committed teachers in rural areas.

The development of education system is the utmost important topic. Proper education and separate classroom should be provided for each grade. The dedicated teacher team with monthly goals and quarterly checking of attendance should be mandatory. Night schools for adults should be promoted and it should be a compulsion for those who cannot read or write.

Healthcare and Sanitation

Accessibility and availability of healthcare in India, especially in rural India is the utmost concern. The launch of the National Rural Health Commission in 2005, has taken a major step in maintaining and improving the health sector in India. The major challenges that rural people are currently facing is the availability of equipment and medicines. Many government hospitals lack in providing proper medication and care as they do not have the latest equipment. The government needs to equip hospitals regularly with medicines and essential equipment.


The public transport is not in good shape in India. In villages, people usually prefer walking and private transport. Most of the people who cannot afford private transportation lose many opportunities essential for their development. Many students cannot complete their higher education as there is no transportation facility. It is essential to have public transport connecting to every village to a city at least.

Village Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the only key to the development of the villages and lives of the people. People in rural areas suffer from unemployment, bad infrastructure and lack of awareness. The Make in India strategy adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims to facilitate entrepreneurship and developing skills. Many other programs should be held in rural areas where people cannot find the opportunity of employment. Starting a home business and promoting the business should be the basic strategy that needs to be adopted by the villagers.

Awareness Camps

Most of the people are usually unaware of the various schemes and opportunities available for them. The government and NGOs should regularly conduct camps for the villagers. Creating such a campaign will help major people to be updated with various schemes and technology. Health campaign, Education campaign, Skills development campaign should be held at regular intervals. Conducting such a campaign will eradicate the primitiveness and isolation of the people.