Clean Pune

Pune is a beautiful place located in the midst of Sahyadri mountain. Pune is blessed with beautiful surroundings and relaxing atmosphere. It is hard not to fall for it’s amazing patriotic stories, delicious food and its rich culture. Due to the immense growth of the IT sector in Pune and globalization, somewhere I felt the city has lost its essence of purity and it’s pride. The over crowded city has led to immense demand for land, food and which ultimately leads to deforestation.

Pune has lost 26 sq km of forest cover in the year 2015-2017. The recovery of this loss is not at all an easy task. Losing such a huge amount of forest cover every couple of years can lead us to scarcity of water and global warming.

The AYNian and the various volunteers took part in our initiative called “Recover Pune” where each of us started planting plants on the barren mountain. The spirit and energy of all the AYNian and the volunteers was worth praising. This small initiative is a one step towards nature conservation. With all the efforts we all understood that destruction is easy, but it takes immense amounts of energy and time to build things. We carried this initiative and till now we have recovered and survived almost 50 acre of lands and around 200 plants. With this small change we strongly believe that nature can be preserved and our mission to protect and build back nature will be accomplished soon.

Due to the huge population, waste management has become difficult in the cities. Even after the continuous efforts of the government, the Cleanliness mission is getting tough to achieve. We have started a small mission by hiring a group of women called “Clean India”. We have provided employment to the women to achieve the agenda. Clean India movement is carried out in the region of Pimpri Chinchwad. Proper waste management and recovering the green land can lead us to back authentic Pune city.